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Fishy musings July 15, 2006

Posted by Joey Valdez in Ideas!.

fish.jpgSome things amateur marine aquarists learn (the hard way):
1) make sure the specific needs of each specimen are met (otherwise, they’ll waste away); 2) the fish are compatible with one another; 3) the tank has enough room for them to swim around; 4) temperature fluctuations are kept to a minimum; 5) there is vigorous water circulation; 6) there is good water quality by checking chemical parameters and replacing dirty water with fresh water on a regular basis; 7) they are fed properly, on schedule.
The direct analogies with our working environments are plenty and somewhat obvious. It’s also interesting to note that the success rate for novice aquarists is quite low. As in all things, patience and constant conscientiousness pay dividends.



1. Gretchen Dahlen - September 23, 2006

On two of the seven key points above, here is another perspective from the amateur gardening world. Point #1: Nasturtiums are not like most other flowers. You must adapt your “usual” practices to meet their needs. Point #6: Nasturtiums don’t want their water changed every day, like most flowers. You can do that to them, but the flowers won’t last as long. Put them in water once, and leave them alone, and they will flourish 2 to 3 times longer. If you put them in a different vase, pour the old water in the new vase.

While I do not know why these flowers behave differently than others, experience has been a good teacher.

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