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Barriers to successful change August 12, 2006

Posted by Joey Valdez in Projects, Questions.
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Some of the barriers to success in improvement efforts include:

  • there’s just no time to do it
  • competing priorities and agendas
  • no buy-in from key decision-makers and opinion leaders
  • staff resistance to change
  • change proposed is too big and ambitious
  • change proposed is not exciting nor relevant
  • poor team communication
  • people fear change
  • lack of evidence of effectiveness
  • roles are not well-defined
  • added work
  • too many (unproductive) meetings

Which of these are the most significant, and how could we overcome the challenges they provide?


Getting things done July 31, 2006

Posted by Joey Valdez in Ideas!, Projects.
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GTD GraphicMany improvement projects drag on for months with no clear direction or outcome, wasting organizational resources and damaging group morale. They fail not because of lack of innovation or managerial support, but because of poor execution. Basketball offers a powerful analogy on how to get things done. (more…)